The Dyslexia Starter Guide for Parents 

Parenting your child on their dyslexia journey can be overwhelming and a little scary. This guide is a quick and easy way for a busy parent like you to become your child's advocate.

 Are you ready to feel empowered? 

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Learn the Essential First Steps Parents Should Take, Including:

  • Learning more about dyslexia.
  • Getting your thoughts organized before the next school meeting.
  • A worksheet to keep all important contacts in one place.


I'm Dr. Christine Patterson.

I'm a parent to an✨amazing✨ dyslexic daughter and have been where you are right now. I get that you are scared and overwhelmed by all you need to learn to advocate for your child..

I'm also a board-certified pediatrician👩🏻‍⚕️ and have listened to so many parents express the same kinds of feelings as their child struggled in school. 

Let's start right now making a shift from overwhelm to confidence. From fear to hope.

I'm excited to be your guide and your cheerleader as you start this journey with your own child.

You've got this! đź’—